Civil cases

Through Salem Al Khatri Law Firm and Legal Consultations, we provide you with the services that you may need in various civil cases in the United Arab Emirates, the most important of which are:

Issues related to contract drafting and negotiation, where lawyer Salem Al Khatri drafts and reviews various contracts and represents the client before judicial bodies in various cases of lawsuits.

In compensation for professional work such as medical and engineering work.

In cases of psychological, physical and literary damage.

As well as issues related to accidents.

Cases relating to the illegal actions of the government.

In compensation cases related to termination of the contract and breach of contractual obligations.

Accordingly, before filing any lawsuit, the plaintiff must submit the necessary documents to the case management office in the court, and this requires a lawyer with extensive experience in the field of civil cases from the office of lawyer Salem Al Khatri in Dubai. We are familiar with all the requirements that preserve all rights. The client is treated with the utmost transparency and honesty.

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