Legal Consultancy

The office provides legal consultations through a distinguished group of consultants specialized in the legal field. Salem Al Khatri Law Firm and Legal Consultations is distinguished by its ability to keep pace with modern developments and technologies. In light of this accelerating era, every person among us needs to know his rights, duties, and legal position regarding a matter or project submitted to him, very quickly and with great accuracy.

Hence, we took this into account and did not limit ourselves to the traditional methods of communication between the office and its clients who are eager to take legal advice on a subject, as traditionally any client who has legal advice must go to the law firm that specializes in that, but with us the matter is different as you can You must send the legal advice to our office via e-mail, explaining all the details related to it, or request legal advice via social media via the ZOOM, BOTIM, or GMAIL application. A meeting date will be set based on your request and to meet you via video chat, and one of our specialized advisors will review it. Expressing a legal opinion on it, supported by the provisions of the law, and then sending it to you via e-mail or fax, taking into account ensuring the confidentiality of all data and information contained in the consultation.

Because legal consultations have an important and effective role in guiding and providing the required advice to clients before starting legal procedures, the Salem Al Khatri Law Office has sought to provide the best services to clients through the legal consulting service provided by a specialized team that provides legal consultations through qualified advisors with distinguished and specialized scientific training and Through the latest technologies, whether on the phone, the Internet, email, fax and SMS. The legal consulting service requires speed in providing advice to enable the party entrusted with the advice to make decisions quickly and with high accuracy.

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