Real estate issues

Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations works in the Real Estate Cases Department to resolve disputes that arise between real estate investors, contractors, or any other party that represents part of the real estate investment. As we know, the United Arab Emirates is witnessing a distinctive real estate revolution at the level of the Arab world and at the world level, especially Dubai after… As real estate prices in Dubai have become the cause of many disputes, new types of crimes have emerged, resulting mainly from one party’s breach of its obligations resulting from the contract signed between the developer and investor parties, or between two developers. This has led to an increase in the chances of disputes and a great need for a real estate litigation lawyer capable of providing Legal assistance is sufficient to achieve the client’s interests, and this is certainly highlighted by the Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations through a real estate lawyer with extensive experience in any real estate case, no matter how complex or difficult it is.

Through this article, we can provide a simplified presentation of our most important real estate services at Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations

Trying to resolve the dispute amicably by proceeding with settlement procedures.

Sending legal warnings before opening criminal reports or filing real estate lawsuits.

Registering cases with the Dubai Courts or the Dubai International Arbitration Centre.

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