About us


Message from the Chairman, Mr. Salem Rashid Al Khateri

It has been nearly a decade and a half since I began practicing law, working my way to the heights of loyalty, integrity, and freedom.

Today, I am happy to witness that Salem Al Khatri Law Firm and Legal Consultations is prominent and carries a reliable name when it comes to legal issues. It is based on a set of values centered around a commitment to work with dedication, consistency and reliability, which has been translated into a lasting business relationship and satisfaction from clients and clients. This is the way through which we have gained… The trust of clients over the years, so that at the end of every case or project the goal is not only to achieve success, but also to develop a prominent and prestigious reputation locally and globally.


Mr. Salem Rashid Al Khateri

About us
Salem Al Khateri Law Firm and Legal Consultations puts in your hands more than 15 years of experience of continuous successes and actual legal capabilities, including consultations and judicial pleadings before the courts of the United Arab Emirates.

We have also been previously classified as one of the largest leading multi-disciplinary legal offices in the United Arab Emirates, and the legal and judicial experiences that we have gone through over the past years help us in providing multi-specialty and different-sector legal consultations to our clients, as the Salem Al-Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations Office includes: We have a team of highly experienced consulting lawyers who specialize in several areas of federal law in the United Arab Emirates.

We regularly deal with a wide range of local and international clients. We are committed to protecting our clients’ institutional and commercial interests and ensuring their success with our legal expertise, advanced creative solutions, and permanent and practical expertise. This is thanks to working with a group of legal specialists who have the qualifications and experience that enable them to deal with all types of legal requirements across various specializations and fields.

Our Mission
Providing the highest quality of legal advice and legal solutions to meet the needs of our clients in accordance with our core values.
Our Vision
Promoting the legal sector throughout the United Arab Emirates, contributing to the nation’s renaissance, and working to train a professional legal team to the highest levels of professionalism to reach the pinnacle of success.
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