Our Services

Our Services
The office provides a wide range of services through a distinguished group of consultants specialized in the legal field.

Judicial and legal representation before the courts

Our legal experts have extensive experience in commercial litigation in the UAE courts representing plaintiffs.

Commercial issues

Our expert team of commercial case lawyers undertakes the task of representing the parties to the dispute and pleading on their behalf before the competent courts.

Corporate issues

Our team at Salem Al Khatri Law Firm and Legal Consultations consists of a group of corporate and bank lawyers.

Compensation and insurance issues

The commercial and industrial renaissance has led to the insurance sector witnessing growth and prosperity, and insurance awareness has increased among all.

Criminal cases

Our office includes a team of licensed lawyers who represent clients accused of federal crimes within the UAE.

Real estate issues

Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations works on the real estate issues department to resolve disputes.

Civil cases

Through Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations, we provide you with the services you may need in various cases.

Bankruptcy، insolvency and corporate lquidation issues

When a company cannot pay debts, to whom does the company owe it? Bankruptcy is one option. Article 67 explains.

Personal status issues

Any damage to family relationships is a compassionate matter that requires reasonable and careful intervention by a lawyer to find reasonable solutions.

Dispute issues and judicial settlements

By working on your behalf and serving you, we aim to settle disputes amicably without resorting to the courts

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Court Cases

Our legal team consists of leading professional lawyers and consultants in arbitration in various fields.

Bounced check issues Collecting and settling debts and financial claims

The need for such activity appeared at the end of the twentieth century and was accompanied by the rapid development of financial and administrativa system.

Banking and banking issues

The lawyers specializing in banking cases in our office provide many important legal services.

Rental dispute issues

Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations prepares, records and follows up on all rental lawsuits.

Arbitration issues

Arbitration has become preferable for those doing business. Arbitration offers advantages over traditional litigation.

Intellectual property and trademark registration issues

Registration of companies, trademarks, patents, industrial models, and both aspects of intellectual property.

Establishing companies

The first steps begin with the correct selection of the legal entity for the business and we provide you with legal information.

Preparing and drafting legal contracts

Although most people have learned the importance of drafting and writing legal contracts in a professional manner that avoids confusion.

Labor issues and disputes

In this department, we include experienced and skilled lawyers and consultants with distinguished expertise to represent our clients.

Maritime and air law

The legal services provided by Salem Al Khatri s office related to maritime and air law are of crucial importance.
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