Maritime and air law

Maritime Law:
Maritime law in the UAE is a very complex part of the law. The movements of ships, sailors and any other similar watercraft are subject to the legal regime.

A major portion of all important global business transactions involve shipping and trade. In addition, import and export operations are essential in the UAE. As a result, its port is among the busiest in the world. The United Arab Emirates is located in a region of the Middle East that is conducive to maritime transportation and has a large volume of shipping activities. It is an economically vital area for trade, shipping and maritime issues.

The United Arab Emirates is an important sea port to the Middle East. Maritime trade and transportation account for 75% of significant commercial transactions worldwide. Therefore, the legal services provided by Salem Al Khatri Law Firm and maritime-related legal consultations are of crucial importance to our law firm. Our Admiralty Legal Department provides effective legal support in resolving maritime disputes and drafting all types of maritime contracts. We employ our professional expertise and quick procedures to implement procedures and make decisions in shipping claims.

Air Law (Aviation):
Salem Al Khatri Advocates and Legal Consultants, one of the leading aviation law firms, has specialists who deal with all types of legal issues related to aviation law in the UAE. In the aviation industry, disputes are common between parties.

Such companies may have to face financial loss, and disputes may be based on financing agreements, lease agreements, partnerships, etc. One of the main factors that lead to aviation disputes is the lack of proper knowledge of the legal framework related to aircraft transactions.

With our highly qualified and experienced aviation lawyers, we have the strength to handle any complex disputes relating to aviation laws and regulations. We always focus on preventing the chance of disputes that may occur in the future by providing appropriate and timely advice on drafting agreements and documents, as any misrepresentation may lead to severe legal complications and disputes.

With years of experience in handling aviation-related issues, we provide meticulous legal solutions for dispute resolution and aggressive litigation whenever necessary.

Areas of expertise related to aviation law in the UAE include:

General corporate advice and drafting

Our aviation lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with UAE aviation law and agreements, registration and deregistration matters, licensing and even financial advice. Some of our general advice and drafting expertise includes but is not limited to:

Aircraft operator agreement

Registration and deregistration of aircraft

Maintenance agreement between owner and operator

Licensing the aircraft company and its operator

Military aspects within the jurisdiction

Conflict resolution

We stand at the forefront of resolving all disputes related to the Civil Aviation Law in the UAE. Some of our dispute resolution experiences include:

Litigation and arbitration matters relating to aircraft damage claims, personal injury and cargo claims.

Demand the destruction of aircraft

Wheelbarrow breakdown claim

Arrest and confiscation of assets of foreign Emirati airlines

Acquisition/leasing of aircraft

In the case of aircraft purchase/leasing, the relevant documents and agreements must be perfect and need specialized legal assistance. We provide legal advice on all matters relating to aircraft purchase/leasing, which includes:

Aircraft and asset financing

Regional airlines are associated with various operating lease transactions

Aircraft purchase and lease

Aircraft financing

Aircraft maintenance agreements

Aircraft engine rental

Regional airlines operate lease transactions

General corporate advice and drafting

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