Establishing companies

The first steps begin with the correct selection of the legal entity for the business, and we provide you with legal information that helps in the correct selection of the type of company, and then we carry out on your behalf the steps of incorporation, preparing, reviewing and amending the partners’ decisions, and taking the necessary measures from the relevant authorities.

The process of establishing a business in the UAE goes through a series of steps that are shared and advised by the Salem Al Khatiri Law Office based on the data provided to us by the Marshal, which includes the following:

Determine the nature of the activity

Determine the legal form

Trade name registration

Request for initial approval

Memorandum of Association and Local Service Agent Agreement

Choose the location or address of the business

Obtaining additional government approvals

Submit documents and pay fees

Determine the nature of economic activity

The nature of the economic activity determines the legal entity of the company and the type of license, whether commercial, industrial or professional. etc.

They include: industrial – commercial – craft – tourism – agricultural – professional

Determine the legal form

The legal form mainly depends on the business requirements and also defines the laws and regulations to be adhered to.

You can choose one of the following legal forms within the country with the help of our legal consultants with experience in establishing companies to provide you with the appropriate legal name for your companies:

– Solidarity Company
– Simple recommendation company
– Limited Liability Company
– Public joint stock company
– Private joint stock company
– Commercial Representative Office
– Civil works company
– A branch of a local company
– A branch of a Gulf company
– Branch of a foreign company
– Branch of a free zone company
– Individual enterprise
– Holding Company

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