Personal status issues

Family and personal status are the most important factors in a person’s life. Any damage to family relationships is a compassionate matter that requires reasonable and careful intervention by an attorney to find reasonable solutions. We provide you with suitable lawyers who have many years of combined experience in resolving different types of family cases at Salem Al Khatiri Law Firm and Legal Consultations.

We understand that divorce and other matters dealt with in the family courts can be painful and difficult issues to deal with; Hence, you need a lawyer who will patiently listen to your problems and help you in this difficult time. We handle family cases so that both parties are treated and respected well throughout the procedure and all these matters are handled with the utmost care by our responsible family lawyers.

Our specialization at Al Khatri Law Firm and Legal Consultations includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Inheritance issues


Termination of the husband’s contract

Reducing expenses

Increased alimony

Ending the nursery age

Fall of custody

Taking off

Legal custody of children of international couples

Christian marriage contracts

Spousal property issues

Guardianship or guardianship of a minor


Lawsuits for divorce or annulment of marriage

Alimony issues

Childcare cases

Child custody lawsuits

Spousal maintenance cases

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