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Clients who conduct business in the UAE or with UAE companies may find themselves exposed to litigation in the courts. Our legal experts have extensive experience in commercial litigation in the UAE courts, and representing plaintiffs and defendants. We understand the complex practices of the litigation process in the region and can provide you with representation in difficult, aggressive disputes.

Salem Al Khatri Law Firm and Legal Consultations has experience and know-how in registering and following up on all types of lawsuits, issues and pleadings, and practical and scientific know-how in various types of civil, commercial and administrative procedures, implementation, labor and Sharia lawsuits, and criminal cases in all types of courts at all levels of primary – appeal. And the Federal Supreme Court (of Cassation) at the level The state.

This includes:
– Representing clients and appearing before all courts of various types and levels, including the court of first instance, the court of appeal, the court of cassation, enforcement, examination or interrogation, the notary public, the public prosecutor, other judicial bodies, police departments, and all other local and foreign official bodies, departments, authorities, and ministries inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.
– Attending investigations
– Provide notification
– Filing, pleading, following up and implementing lawsuits…etc

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